Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I made it home! It was a little later than planned, but I did still make it. My flight from Tokyo to Chicago was a little late and immigration/customs was backed up further than I had ever seen it before! Even the airport workers were surprised/frustrated and pointing out the stack of comment cards to people! It took over an hour just to get through immigration and customs. At that point, I had less than half an hour to get to my next flight. They had already started boarding and I was basically told I would never make it on that flight. They were pretty much just sending anyone with flight in the next hour to get new tickets.

So, I joined the line of frustrated, upset, anxious people waiting to get a new ticket, praying the whole way through the line that I would be able to get another flight out that night. And I DID! Three hours later, put my in right around midnight, but I was SO thankful!

And God sent other little blessings along the way. One in the form of another girl who missed the same flight I did. She teaches in Shanghai and we were able to have some really nice conversations.

Thankful to God for the safe trip and that the flights themselves were uneventful. Kelsey and Leah made it home safely as well and now we're praying Cat home today :-)