Sunday, February 21, 2010

A New Adventure

Well, God is starting me on a new adventure, one that I had never even thought of until December. This summer, I'm going to Taiwan for two months to work at the Home of God's Love! I'll be holding, changing, feeding, and playing with babies and I'm so excited!

It all started on Christmas Eve when Matt and Chrissy (my brother and sister-in-law) got a call that they were matched with a little girl.

As Matt and Chrissy started talking about the trip to Taiwain and the possibility of the family going with them, I started getting more and more excited about the Home of God's Love and I knew I wanted to go, even if I couldn't go when Matt and Chrissy went. After thinking and praying about it, I decided I would contact the home and see if they needed any help. Now, I have a plane ticket!!! I'll be leaving June 8 and returning August 12.

I'm so excited about this opportunity, and a little nervous, but I'm already seeing God at work. Prayers are appreciated!

Here's a picture that I received of some of the babies: